• Contemporary house in Cape Town

    House 101

    New house. Inspired by the clients’ African travels, and desire for a grounded, older established feel …

  • Designer house in Cape Town

    House 102

    New house. Dynamic space designed to accommodate the busyness of a large family (5 kids) and …

  • Interior designer concrete staircase

    House 103

    Complete make over plus an additional floor to create a warm yet stylish sustainable home to …

  • Interior decorator house in Cape Town

    Flat 104

    Gypsy at heart: revamp of a 1960’s 89 sqm apartment. Photography by Chris Cloete.

  • Modern apartment in South Africa

    Flat 105

    Residential development of 47 brand new units with ES Design involved from conceptual stage. Three different …

  • Contemporary house in Cape Town

    House 106

    Redesigned interiors with sleek appeal to complement the owner’s vibrant art collection, where every curated object …

  • Beautiful metallic doll

    House 106 bis

  • Apartment renovation in Cape Town

    Flat 107

    Renovation and complete remodeling of a simple generic two-bedroom 89 sqm apartment into a warm and inviting …

  • Modern villa with swimming pool

    House 108

    New house. Exciting and successful combination of supposedly conflicting “warm-cold” materials, such as …

  • Large and modern kitchen by interior decorator

    House 108 bis

  • Mordern house Playroom

    House 109

    Renovating to gain an additional 60 sqm of functional living space. The new gym, dressing and …

  • Beautiful lounge in Cape Town

    House 110

    Renovation and complete interior remodeling of a 180 sqm freestanding town house unlocking its original …

  • Blue sofa and cushions

    House 111

    Brand new house in Sydney Australia. All furnishings were custom-made and sourced in Cape Town by …

  • Linde Collection shop window

    Store 112

    Heritage building dating back to the early 1700 located in the heart of Cape Town. The …