Emmanuelle consistently elevates her client’s dreams and needs into artistically stylish creations through her innate sense of aesthetics and design coupled with technical mastery of space and functionality.
Her intuitive philosophy of ‘structure & style’ evolved from her training and career experience in psychology and design across Europe and South Africa.

Born and educated in France, Emmanuelle completed a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology (Paris).
After years of traveling and working in different countries as a psychologist, Emmanuelle realized her true passion in design and in 1998 she undertook a degree in Interior Design (Cape Town). Besides interiors she has also designed jewellery.

Emmanuelle interprets her clients’ ideas and embellishes them into bold and practical design solutions that remain true to her clients’ personal style. She never imposes, instead guides and inspires unique and creative solutions. A natural communicator and trained professional, Emmanuelle immerses herself in each job from conceptualization to completion, dealing continuously with all stakeholders on the technical and creative aspects of a project to ensure a successful team result.